About Us

The first thing to know about us: I sometimes refer to myself using plural pronouns.

Hi, I’m Jim Fisher.

I am a husband and a father; a gaming enthusiast and a Type I diabetic. I’ve been developing software the majority of my life.

I love learning new things, then applying what I’ve learned to solve problems in new and interesting ways. I express myself, among other ways, though art, writing, and occasionally building something “real.” My interests are as diverse as they are short-lived. I'm a serial hobbiest and my repertoire of unfinished projects is extensive.

This site is one of my homes on the web. I have others. It is here that I try to bring a little order to my own personal chaos. Here I organize my projects, record my thoughts, and share what I find curious.

I’m not famous nor even remotely well-known; however, I have spent some time in various communities here and there and you may know of me. In some circles I go by the name OnyxRing; in others, CodingMonk. I have both of these domains so try to make use of them as usernames when they aren't already taken.

On Tumblr, I’m codingmonk: http://codingmonk.tumblr.com
On Twitter, I’m @OnyxRing: https://twitter.com/onyxring
On GitHub, I split the difference: https://github.com/onyxmonk

Read my virtual soapbox. My postings sway arbitrarily between technical and light humor.
Springboard into my various experiments from my projects page.
Checkout my game site. The semi-formal facing of a one of my projects.