his is my new blog.  That’s “new,” as in “not old.”  Built on the metaphor of a journal, it’s fresh and it’s clean and it’s not at all cluttered by my old ways.  How could it be?  This is page one, after all.

This is also my old blog.  “Old,” as in “not new.” In a previous life, CodingMonk was built on DotNetNuke, completely tricked out with all sorts of custom controls and spiffy mods.  Later I raised it again on top of Subtext – with only a few small modifications to the Subtext code base – and I felt good in both cases about successfully using someone else’s code.

Now I’ve rebooted it again, and this time I’m reinventing all kinds of wheels.  I’m using no frameworks, just building it from scratch.  With MVC and Typescript at my disposal, all possibilities are available to me.  Bwaha-ha-ha!  My fingers quiver at the keyboard, anticipating all of the unimplemented features.

Oh.  And the postings.  They’re anticipating the postings too.

Regarding those: I’m a technology guy, and have been since my first love – a TRS-80 model I, which I met  in grammar school – tinted the lens through which I see the world.  While my interests are not solely limited to my love of computers, they almost always reflect its influences.  Expect my posts to do the same.

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